6 Design Tips To Master The Art Of Custom Trade Show Exhibits

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Every organization tries to portray a distinct and unique brand perception in front of its target audience. The corporate texture and outlook must sync with your overall brand image so that there is no confusion in the visitors’ minds.

You must try promotional stand mockup to avoid any problem during the exhibition day. Here, in this article, we are going to list out some important tips to design a bespoke exhibition stand.

Tip 1: Opt Fresh Design

One interesting way to accomplish this objective is by opting for a fresh design every year. When your brand participates in an exhibition in a recurring manner, it may likely see many of the same visitors who had visited the venue last year.

As such, they are bound to make a comparison of your trade show exhibit stall with the previous years’ design.

While opting a fresh design, you must try store display mockup for a good result on the final day.

If you are a recurring participant at an event or in a city over a length of time, visitors are likely to remember your trade show booth designs from previous years and compare.

The visitors get a chance to discuss and compare the designs. Don’t be afraid to innovate as far as designs for custom trade show exhibits go.

Tip 2: Bring On-Board Strategic Partner

To showcase this intent of the company to innovate at all times, your design should be fresh and innovative.

Hence it will be a smart move to look forward to innovative design at your custom trade show booth building process and do the exhibition stand mockup before the final exhibition day.

It is wise to bring on-board a strategic partner that can help you with radical design ideas as well as carry out high-quality production.

These will help the booth to initiate a discussion with the visitors, attract their attention, and help communicate with the visitors.

With this tip, you will let the graphics do the talking and your brand will profit from it.

Smart Color Coding -Many companies believe is subtle color-coding that doesn’t radiate brilliance or flashy communication.

They opt for two to three combination of colors to ensure that there is no cluttering of the hues and shades, which may be counterproductive in attracting audience attention and improving the volume of footfall to the booth premises.

Tip 3: Use Smart Logo and Color Combination

Avoid tinkering too much with the color-coding. The combination of logo and color is a strong visual identity for your brand.

It must meet the expectations of the visitor, therefore, you should do display mockup to avoid silly mistakes.

Hence the colors should be kept consistent across all marketing events, with all marketing assets and materials.

This way, they will be able to make a connection of the booth with your brand and generate favorable brand recall.

Use of Technology-Modern-day visitors is well-acquainted with technological advancements happening all around them.

Tip 4: Integrate Immersive Technologies

Check with the booth builder if he can integrate immersive technologies that add to visitor experiences and augments visitor engagement.

The use of interactive touch screens and kiosks inside the stall are fast emerging as effective customer engagement avenues.

They also help retain visitor attention in case your staff is busy catering to other prospects.

Ask for platforms to deploy a life-size screen for product demonstration, a touch screen wall to run videos and share content with visitors in new and unassuming ways and consider promotional stand mockup before exhibition day.

Such initiatives will go a long way in attracting visitor attention and promoting them to step into the booth. Interior design matters a lot!

Smart design in a custom trade show booth will ensure that every sq. an inch of the real estate is utilized to the maximum and in sync with the customer journey.

Tip 5: Dedicated Spaces

Engage with the designer and builder of your trade show exhibit rentals and ask for the following compartments: Reception/front desk area, Demonstration Area, Meeting Area, Forum Area.

It makes sense to have dedicated spaces for one-on-one interaction away from the hustle and bustle, to close engagements that have reached the conversion stage.

This will help you negotiate with the customer and arrive at a win-win deal. Many companies also play around with the lighting to create distinct hues in designated areas of the booth.

This way, visitors can easily recognize the purpose of each area inside the trade show booth.

Tip 6: Use Right Type Of Furniture

Every space inside the booth will require the right type of furniture to be placed depending on the purpose for which space is being used.

For example, the table and chairs for the demo area must be different from those in the meeting area.

For the forum area, go with box chairs that make for quick mobility for press briefings, discussions, media bytes, etc.

Ask your custom trade show exhibit designer to factor in these points as a part of the initial briefing, so that you can set the right expectations.


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